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Sports flooring for all types of courts

Sports flooring for all types of courts offered by Boma Court company is made from premium materials, ensuring exceptional durability and performance, ideal for both professional and recreational use.

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About our company

Flooring for sports courts produced by Boma-Court sets the standard for quality across all types of sports courts. With extensive experience in the industry, our company offers innovative solutions for sports courts, tailored to the specific needs of our clients. Whether it involves indoor or outdoor spaces, Boma-Court ensures that each sports court is equipped with surfaces that guarantee safety, durability, and optimal performance. In the end, for sports court that require professionalism and precision, Boma-Court’s flooring solutions are the right choice.

The sports flooring produced by Boma-Court.

Our products

At Boma Court, we provide state-of-the-art sports flooring that transforms any game area. Our floors are crafted using advanced materials for longevity and are perfect for schools, sports complexes, and professional arenas.

Flooring for a sports courts - model "Boma Star"

Model "Star "

Model of flooring for a sports courts

Model "Boma"

Model Boma Indoor flooring for a sports courts

Model "Indoor"

We offer advice and solutions

Boma Court provides its clients with tailored solutions and expert advice to meet their specific sports flooring needs effectively and efficiently.


Basketball courts

Boma-Court’s sports flooring for basketball courts is optimized for dynamic play, offering excellent cushioning and traction. They contribute to player safety and enhance the playing experience.

Football courts

Boma-Court offers sports flooring for football fields characterized by high durability and the ability to withstand intensive use. Our surfaces ensure optimal playing conditions, tailored for both professional and recreational players.

Multipurpose Sport courts

Boma-Court produces adaptable sports flooring for multipurpose fields that support various sporting activities. These surfaces are highly durable and ensure outstanding performance regardless of the sport being played.

Volleyball courts

Our flooring for volleyball courts is specifically designed to absorb impacts and minimize injury risks. They provide stability and support, enabling players to reach their full potential.

Handball courts

Our sports flooring for handball courts is designed to enhance game speed and control. Resistant to wear, they provide excellent traction, making them an ideal choice for high-intensity matches.

Tennis player with a racket

Tennis courts

Our solutions for tennis courts include sports flooring that improves both comfort and performance. Designed to allow precise ball bounce and consistent play across the court.
Reducing costs

Easy installation

Boma-Court sports flooring is a symbol of quality, durability, and cost-effectiveness. Our flooring for sports courts is designed to facilitate maintenance and enable quick installation, reducing costs and the time needed for setup. These features make them the ideal choice for sports facilities looking for high-quality, yet economical solutions for their courts. Investing in Boma-Court flooring is an investment in the long-term value and performance of your sports court.