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Volleyball court flooring

Volleyball court

Innovative volleyball court flooring

At Boma Court, we specialize in crafting sports flooring, offering elite surfaces for volleyball courts distinguished by their quality and innovation. Our flooring is engineered to withstand intensive use in both indoor and outdoor environments, ensuring exceptional performance and durability under all conditions. Innovative materials enhance comfort and safety, minimizing the risk of injuries and maximizing the enjoyment of the game.

Our extensive portfolio of successfully completed projects for volleyball courts underscores our commitment to delivering the highest quality solutions. Whether the court is intended for recreational or professional matches, our sports flooring provides a safe and visually appealing environment that meets the most demanding standards. Opt for our volleyball court solutions to secure a premier sports venue that inspires and motivates players at every match.


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Polypropylene copolymer, UV stabilized.

Assembly speed

1.000m2 / 24hr


As per customer request

Create your own court

Boma Court volleyball courts are designed to withstand extreme conditions of use, both outdoors and indoors. By using only the most durable materials, our courts ensure longevity and resistance to abrasion and weathering, maintaining consistent quality of play over the years.

Our volleyball courts are engineered for efficiency, allowing for quick installation and disassembly. This provides flexibility in space usage and rapid adaptation for various events, making them ideal for multifunctional sports centers and school gyms.

Maintenance of Boma Court volleyball courts is minimal and cost-effective. Our surfaces are designed to easily repel dirt and are easy to clean, reducing the need for frequent and expensive maintenance interventions and ensuring a longer lifespan of the surface.

Investing in Boma Court volleyball courts means long-term savings. Low maintenance costs, combined with the long lifespan of the product, significantly reduce the total cost of ownership, making our courts an exceptionally cost-effective solution for any sports facility.