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Handball court flooring

High-quality handball court flooring

Boma-Court is a leader in the production of sports flooring for handball courts, providing top-quality and innovation in every product. Our flooring is the result of advanced technology and years of experience, designed to meet the demanding conditions of handball play. Thanks to high durability and wear resistance, our handball courts guarantee long-lasting use and minimal maintenance.

Successful projects across various parts of the region testify to the reliability and efficiency of our sports flooring. Boma-Court sports surfaces are the first choice for many sports facilities, from school gyms to professional sports arenas. Our commitment to quality and innovation ensures that every handball court we equip provides optimal playing conditions, meeting even the strictest standards of professional sports. Choose Boma-Court and ensure that your sports space is at a world-class standard.


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Polypropylene copolymer, UV stabilized.

Assembly speed

1.000m2 / 24hr


As per customer request

Create your own court

Handball courts offered by Boma Court are made from the most durable materials available on the market. Our courts are tested and tailored to withstand the high intensity of handball play, ensuring long-term use without visible signs of wear. This durability guarantees that the court will maintain its functionality and aesthetic appeal for many seasons.

Boma Court handball courts are designed for quick and efficient installation and disassembly. This allows sports facilities the flexibility to organize different events, enabling easy changes in space configuration. Our setup systems ensure the firmness and stability of the court, which is crucial for player safety.

Maintaining our handball courts is straightforward, thanks to materials that repel dirt and facilitate cleaning. Regular maintenance involves basic wiping and occasional thorough cleaning, significantly reducing costs and the time required for upkeep. This makes Boma Court courts a cost-effective choice for sports centers.

Investing in Boma Court handball courts means long-term savings. Resistance to wear, low maintenance costs, and the long lifespan of the surfaces make this investment extremely cost-effective. Our courts offer excellent value for the investment, making them an ideal solution for schools, sports clubs, and recreational centers.