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Model "Boma indoor"

Colors as per customer request

Technical specifications

Introducing the “Boma Indoor” model by Boma Court, specially crafted for indoor sports facilities. This flooring solution integrates advanced technology to ensure robust durability tailored for the unique demands of indoor environments. The “Boma Indoor” is engineered for resilience and superior performance, providing a stable and safe surface that withstands the intense action of indoor sports without compromising on quality.

The installation and disassembly processes are streamlined and straightforward, allowing facilities to easily adapt their spaces for various events and activities. Using premium materials, the “Boma Indoor” delivers consistent and reliable performance, enhancing the experience of athletes and spectators alike.

Economically, the “Boma Indoor” model stands out by offering significant cost benefits. Its longevity and reduced maintenance demands translate into considerable savings, making it a cost-effective choice for any institution seeking a high-quality, durable indoor sports flooring solution.

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250 x 250 mm


Polypropylene copolymer, UV stabilized.


12 mm

Weight of the flooring

3.40 +/- 2% (kg/m2)