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Tennis court flooring

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Modern and high-quality tennis court flooring

The production of sports flooring for tennis courts involves a high level of precision and attention to detail, values that are at the core of our approach. Our flooring for tennis courts is designed to enhance gameplay, providing an excellent base that is equally suitable for amateurs and professionals. The innovative technologies we use in manufacturing ensure that our surfaces are wear-resistant, easy to maintain, and deliver consistent performance regardless of weather conditions.

We have built a reputation through numerous successful projects equipping tennis courts, allowing us to stand out as leaders in this field. Clients who choose our sports flooring for tennis courts can be assured they are receiving a product that is at the peak of industry standards, combining aesthetics with functionality for an optimal on-court experience. Our surfaces offer safety and durability, making every tennis court a place where sporting passion can freely express itself.


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Polypropylene copolymer, UV stabilized.

Assembly speed

1.000m2 / 24hr


As per customer request

Create your own court

Boma Court tennis courts are constructed from the highest quality materials, ensuring exceptional durability and weather resistance. These courts are designed to endure long-term use, providing consistent performance regardless of the frequency of play. High-quality materials ensure that the court surface remains firm and even, reducing the need for frequent renovations.

Boma Court offers innovative solutions for the installation and disassembly of tennis courts, allowing for quick and efficient setup. These systems are flexible and tailored for easy reconfiguration, increasing the usability of the space for various sports and social events. The ease of installation contributes to reduced costs and time required for preparing the court.

Maintaining Boma Court tennis courts minimizes costs and effort thanks to materials that are easy to clean and maintain. The surfaces are designed to resist stains and soiling, significantly easing routine maintenance. Regular cleaning and simple maintenance methods ensure the court always looks new and appealing.

Investing in Boma Court tennis courts guarantees high cost-effectiveness due to longevity and low maintenance costs. Efficiency in use and maintenance of the courts means lower expenditures for owners and managers. Reduced operational costs and extended lifespan make Boma Court tennis courts an ideal choice for sports clubs and recreational centers.