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Football court flooring

View of the football field with the sports flooring installed.

High-quality football court flooring

Boma-Court excels in producing sports flooring specialized for football courts. Our sports surfaces result from years of experience and continuous innovation, allowing us to meet the specific requirements and standards necessary for top-tier sports infrastructure. Each flooring solution is designed to enhance game performance, providing optimal traction and durability that suits the dynamics of football.

Thanks to our focus on quality and innovation, Boma-Court has completed numerous successful projects across the region, equipping sports facilities with football courts that stand out for their functionality and longevity. Our commitment to excellence ensures that each field we equip represents a combination of premium quality and innovative technology, setting new standards in the sports industry.


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Polypropylene copolymer, UV stabilized.

Assembly speed

1.000m2 / 24hr


As per customer request

Create your own court

Football courts produced by Boma Court are characterized by exceptional durability. Made from materials resistant to all weather conditions, these courts can withstand heavy use, from professional leagues to school tournaments. High-quality materials ensure that the court remains in top condition, regardless of frequent use and harsh weather conditions.

The installation and disassembly of Boma Court football courts are quick and efficient. Our courts are designed to be easily adaptable to different locations and needs, reducing the time required for setup and allowing more time for play. The flexibility of the system allows for multiple uses and simple court configuration.

Football courts by Boma Court are designed with minimal maintenance in mind. Resistant to stains and easy to clean, which significantly reduces the need for frequent and expensive maintenance. Innovative materials allow the court to remain functional and aesthetically appealing with minimal investment in upkeep.

Investing in Boma Court football courts brings significant long-term savings. Low maintenance costs and the long lifespan of our products reduce overall expenses, making our courts extremely cost-effective. Optimal resource use and reduced need for frequent renovations provide lasting value and maximum return on investment.